Welcome to Our Homepage

The Foundation had been established thanks to the efforts of the owners, senior officers and colleagues of Humancell Stem-Cell Bank, as well as of specialists working in the field of haematology and stem-cell transplantation. Humancell Stem-cell Bank has committed itself to grant a regular financial support to its foundation in the amount of 1,5% of its profit before taxation. 

In order to realize social equality, we believe that potentials of umbilical cord blood collection and its therapeutical utility should also be available for the community and for the endangered families, independently from their social or financial conditions. First and foremost the Foundation undertakes to find solutions to the national problems caused by the lack of public financing programs for umbilical cord blood collection, besides the Foundation intends to ensure the conditions necessary for medical science researches in the field of further therapeutical use of the stem-cells.

Help us and we can help others!

Our Foundation does not possess state aids. For this reason our aims can only be realized through sponsorship.  Thanks to the fact that the Foundation is being recorded as a public benefit organisation, the sponsoring companies, can deduct 100% of the aid from their tax base. Individuals as well as private entrepreneurs can support the Foundation by offering 1% of their tax.

We are very pleased for all kind sponsors for their noble help!